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Jensen Necklace

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Say "hello" to Jensen, your new favorite necklace. Make a statement in one, two, three with a faceted jasper stone, a brass tube bead and a powder pink suede cord and you're done.


  • scissors
  • e6000 glue


  • vegan suede cord
  • faceted sesame jasper stone
  • square brass tube bead


15 minutes + drying time
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Gather your tools and materials.

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Open the glue and put a little bit all the way down one side of the square tube.

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Push the tube, glue side down onto the stones edge. Wiggle it around a bit and center it where you'd like. Set aside to dry for 30 minutes.

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Thread one end of the pink cord through the tube bead.

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Figure out how long you would like the necklace (remember it has to fit over your head) by measuring it against your body. We love this necklace at 30" - which means our cord should be about 32". The 2 extra inches will allow for the knot coming up in the next step. After measuring your necklace length, trim off any excess cord you won't need.

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Make the ends even and tie a simple knot at the end.

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How easy was that? Simple but makes a statement!


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about 4 years ago

I'm excited for this project! I read that "Jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer”. It sustains and supports through times of stress, and brings tranquility and wholeness. Jasper provides protection and absorbs negative energy. It balances yin and yang. Jasper clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution, including radiation. It encourages honesty with one's self. Provides courage to assertively tackle problems. Aids quick-thinking and promotes organizational abilities. Jasper stimulates the imagination and transforms ideas into action. It supports during prolonged illness and re-energizes the body."



about 4 years ago

Can't wait to make this, but I didn't receive the gold brass tube!



about 4 years ago

@katieblake - Oh no! We'll put one in the mail for you!



about 4 years ago

@corinnedriscoll - we can get on board with all that!



about 4 years ago

just looked it up and the type of jasper is called "kiwi" or "sesame" jasper, fyi. love the color and the name :)



about 4 years ago

Love the necklace,however my cord is in two pieces which are connected by a small piece of tape. Is it possible to get a replacement cord?



about 4 years ago

Gorgeous! I tied two small knots at each end of the gold tube to keep it from sliding and keep the knot in back (a pet peeve).