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Night Sky Magnets

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Keep your last minute grocery and gift lists in sight and orderly with this cluster of Night Sky Magnets. Gunmetal filigree and shiny mirrors add a burst of sparkle to your fridge or any magnetic surface.


  • round mirrors in multiple sizes
  • gunmetal filigree findings
  • magnets
  • E6000 glue


15 minutes + drying time
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Gather your tools and materials.

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Open the glue and put a small amount around the center of the gunmetal filigree finding.

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Take one of the smallest mirrors and press the back of the mirror into the glue, centered over the filigree.

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Turn it over and apply glue to the back center. Attach a magnet right to the center behind the mirror. Set aside to dry and repeat with the other filigree, small mirror and magnet.

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Continue adding glue to the magnets and attaching them to the backs of the mirrors.

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Let the magnets dry by placing them a good amount of distance apart. They could sneak together and get glue in places you don't want if they are placed down too close together! Enjoy on your refrigerator about 2-4 hours of dry time.


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over 4 years ago

Hi one of my "gunmetal filigree findings" came with one of the spokes very bent and twisted around. Can you send a replacement? I can give you a picture if necessary



over 4 years ago

Hi @eaffler - thanks for letting us know! No need to send a picture. We'll get another one in the mail for you asap!