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Paradise Key Fob

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We have a tendency to misplace things, especially our keys. This accessory with bright, bouncy fringe and a little charm will help you keep track of yours. Problem solved.


  • scissors
  • jewelry pliers


  • chainette fringe in bright pink and yellow
  • silver end caps
  • jump rings
  • split key ring with chain
  • swivel lobster clasp
  • strawberry charm
  • E6000 glue


30 minutes + drying time
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Gather your tools and materials. In addition to the materials included you'll need a pair of scissors and some chain nose pliers.

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Start rolling the chainette fringe from one end. Roll it tightly, coiling it onto itself. This is going to fit into the end cap so measure as you go to figure out the right place to stop rolling. It should fit really tightly into the cap.

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Cut the excess fringe off. Put some glue inside the cap.

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Twist your fringe into the cap. Make sure it goes all the way to the top of the cap.

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Repeat steps 2 through 4 for the pink tassel. Set both tassels aside and let dry.

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Open one silver jump ring. Remember to open north to south not east to west.

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Put the lobster clasp onto the open jump ring. Then add the first ring below the split key ring to the open jump ring.

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Close the open jump ring tightly.

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Open a new jump ring and attach it to the same ring you just attached things to, right below the split key ring.

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Add the yellow tassel onto the open jump ring. Close tightly.

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Open another jump ring, attach to the center link in the chain and add the strawberry charm. Close the jump ring tightly.

Pkf-12 Pin-it%402x

Open the last silver jump ring and attach to the last ring on the split key ring.

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Add the pink tassel onto the open jump ring and close tightly.

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Let your keys shine bright!


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about 5 years ago

This is great and love the strawberry charm. This perky project is perfect for Spring/Summer.



about 5 years ago

This was such a fun project! I love the strawberry detail. Now I will always be able to find my car keys in my purse.



about 5 years ago

Very cute and fun!



about 5 years ago

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy! This project was so easy and so much fun! It's nice to have a simple quick craft every now and then.



almost 5 years ago

I thought this was a great way to prevent leaving my keys in odd places...until today when I left them at the grocery store...



about 5 years ago

Really love how this turned out. Just like the bangle this month i really want to see it in different colorways so i can buy and make them for people i know. :)



about 5 years ago

I just got my box, and sadly, there are no beads or stones or charms for these projects. but there are two bags of hardware -- the snake chain, cord, and pieces for the key fob. How can I get this missing pieces?



about 5 years ago

@mfoxes looks like you're missing a whole bag of components! So sorry about the mistake. We'll get the right bag shipped out to you asap.



almost 5 years ago




about 5 years ago

I am so loving the hot pink and yellow combo! I am putting together the La Pouchette I bought from the shop (need my husband's leather punch, which is at home) in the hot pink color. This looks like it will be a perfect match with that for traveling light this spring!



about 5 years ago

@kimberly we think this would make a perfect bag charm as well. Can't wait to see what you come up with! #makertakes



almost 5 years ago

This was super easy and fun! I'm going to use mine as a bag charm since I have plenty of key chains.



almost 5 years ago




almost 5 years ago

I used the yellow tassel for the Lemon Drop Necklace posted a photo of my creation here: http://lablux.tumblr.com



over 4 years ago

So cute and fun to make!



over 4 years ago

I just finished this and I love it! However, my kit did not include the swivel lobster clasp, the key chain is usable with out it but do you know where I could get one? I think it would make it easier to use. Thanks!