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Petal Pusher Necklace

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Flowers fit for winter, this showstopper of a necklace is one of our favorites of the season. Wear with black cocktail attire for a bold statement, or match with muted florals for a more feminine look. Dual sided paillettes give you options for gold, silver, or mixed metallic flowers.


  • scissors
  • sewing needle
  • chain nose pliers


  • 20mm dual color metallic paillettes
  • 3 perforated discs (large and small)
  • 2 large jump rings
  • silver chain
  • rhinestone in setting
  • black satin ribbon
  • silver lined seed beads and bugle beads
  • sewing thread


1 hour and 30 minutes
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In addition to the materials you'll need a pair of scissors and some jewelry pliers. Don't be intimidated by the tutorial, these are simple and repetitive steps. Once you get the hang of adding the paillettes (large sequins with an off center hole) you'll have no trouble at all making the rest of the necklace!

Hg-petalpusher-2 Pin-it%402x

Cut a piece of thread about 28" long.

Hg-petalpusher-3 Pin-it%402x

There are two sizes of perforated discs, we are going to start with the largest size. Pull one end of thread through any top hole on the large perforated disc. Tie a double knot and snip off the excess leaving a small tail.

Hg-petalpusher-4 Pin-it%402x

Thread your needle with the long piece of thread attached to the disc.

Hg-petalpusher-5 Pin-it%402x

Put your needle through the back side (the domed side) of the disc in the same hole you knotted your thread.

Hg-petalpusher-6 Pin-it%402x

Decide if you would like to make the flowers silver, gold, or mixed. We are making gold which means we'll thread the paillette on gold side up. Be mindful as you put on the paillettes, they can stick together. DOuble check as you go that you are only adding on one paillette at a time.

Hg-petalpusher-7 Pin-it%402x

Pull the paillette all the way to the disc and go back through the disc with your needle at the next hole. Keep holding the paillette in place firmly.

Hg-petalpusher-8 Pin-it%402x

Move the needle to the next open hole, and bring the thread through to the inside. Add another paillette, right color side up, and return the needle to the following open hole.

Hg-petalpusher-9 Pin-it%402x

This is what the back will look like as you go around.

Hg-petalpusher-10 Pin-it%402x

Continue adding paillettes to the outer row of holes. Keep the tension of the thread as tight as possible, and be mindful of how the paillettes are laying. They should lay on top of one another, overlapping evenly. When you get to the last one tuck it under the first.

Hg-petalpusher-11 Pin-it%402x

Move the needle towards the center of the disk, to the next open row of holes.

Hg-petalpusher-12 Pin-it%402x

Repeat adding another row of paillettes the same way as before.

Hg-petalpusher-13 Pin-it%402x

The paillettes will look like this when you are done with the second row.

Hg-petalpusher-14 Pin-it%402x

Move your needle down to the next inside row.

Hg-petalpusher-15 Pin-it%402x

Bring your needle through to the inside of the disc and thread on a bugle bead and a seed bead. While keeping the bugle bead close to the disc, bring the needle and thread back through it and the hole. Pull the thread to close the loop around the seed bead.

Hg-petalpusher-16 Pin-it%402x

Repeat adding the bugle and seed beads around the disc.

Hg-petalpusher-17 Pin-it%402x

When that row is filled, pull the needle back through the first hole you added the beads to.

Hg-petalpusher-18 Pin-it%402x

Thread on the rhinestone. Go through the holes so it looks like a diamond shape on your needle.

Hg-petalpusher-19 Pin-it%402x

Push the needle through, across from the first hole of your bugle beads.

Hg-petalpusher-20 Pin-it%402x

While the thread is still loose move the bugle beads apart and push the rhinestone flat against the disc, centered in the beads.

Hg-petalpusher-21 Pin-it%402x

Pull the thread tight securing the rhinestone in place.

Hg-petalpusher-22 Pin-it%402x

Use your needle to go under some thread on the back side and tie a triple knot around it. Cut off any excess.

Hg-petalpusher-23 Pin-it%402x

You've completed the large center flower!

Hg-petalpusher-24 Pin-it%402x

Start making another flower on a smaller perforated disc. Repeat steps 2-16.

Hg-petalpusher-25 Pin-it%402x

There is no rhinestone center for the two smaller flowers. All holes in the center will be covered with bugle beads.

Hg-petalpusher-26 Pin-it%402x

Tie a knot and snip.

Hg-petalpusher-27 Pin-it%402x

Repeat the steps to make a second smaller flower. You can keep the flowers flat or puff them up a bit by pulling gently on the paillettes.

Hg-petalpusher-28 Pin-it%402x

Lay them out with the large flower in the middle. We are going to start assembling the necklace.

Hg-petalpusher-29 Pin-it%402x

Open a small jump ring and slide it between the paillettes and the disc into one of the outer holes on the large flower.

Hg-petalpusher-30 Pin-it%402x

Put the end of one chain through the jump ring. Close the jump ring.

Hg-petalpusher-31 Pin-it%402x

Open another jump ring and put it between the paillettes and the disc on the smaller flower, into any hole on the outer edge. Take the piece of chain attached to the large flower and count 4 large links away from the first jump ring. Attach this link to the open jump ring on the small flower, making sure the chain hasn't twisted. Close the jump ring.

Hg-petalpusher-32 Pin-it%402x

Open another jump ring and connect it on the disc with 2 holes in between the last jump ring.

Hg-petalpusher-33 Pin-it%402x

Add the next large link onto this jump ring. Make sure both rings are on the same side of the chain before closing it up.

Hg-petalpusher-34 Pin-it%402x

At the end of the chain add one large jump ring and close it tight.

Hg-petalpusher-35 Pin-it%402x

Repeat adding the second piece of chain on the other side of the large flower. There should be 2 open holes on the disc between the two jump rings.

Hg-petalpusher-36 Pin-it%402x

The back will look like this when you are done.

Hg-petalpusher-37 Pin-it%402x

Cut the black satin ribbon in half.

Hg-petalpusher-38 Pin-it%402x

Put the two ends of one piece of ribbon through a large jump ring on one side of the chain.

Hg-petalpusher-39 Pin-it%402x

Pull the ribbon almost all the way through leaving a small loop. Bring the ends back through the loop and pull. The ribbon should completely cover the jump ring. Repeat on the other side

Hg-petalpusher-40 Pin-it%402x

Trim the ends at an angle.

Hg-petalpusher-41 Pin-it%402x

Take a deep breath, you did it! Let's party!


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over 4 years ago

OBSESSED! I already can't wait to dive into this one!



over 4 years ago

Do you have a picture of this necklace completed with the silver side and/or mixed metals - so many options, I can't decide!! :)



over 4 years ago

I wasn't given enough gold things to make a third flower. :( To make-up for it I chained the two flowers together and hot glued bobby pins on them for a sick hair pin that's almost better than a necklace as a function for me anyways so in the end so I am happy but this is the second thing I am missing in the box. FTM please be a little more diligent. xo



over 4 years ago

how can i make the blueish green version you posted on instagram? I really love it!



over 4 years ago

Hi @heartcristina - we love that version too! It's the same process but we folded the 2 outer rows of sequins in half lengthwise. Then added smaller 10mm paillettes (don't fold these) on the third row of holes. Then add the center rhinestone just as we did above.



over 4 years ago

can i order sequins in those colors and more rhinestones for the centers? or where could i get some? You guys must have an amazing stockpile of pretty supplies, im so jealous!



over 4 years ago

I only got 1 large jump ring. :(



over 4 years ago

Hi @cococrystal - sorry that was missing from your collection. We have one on the way to you now!



over 4 years ago

@danicalifonia I must have gotten yours! I got a ton;) that was a long project, great directions and the outcome is great!