Remix Vinyl Clutch

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Vinyl, glitter, and sequins? Yes please. This DIY clutch puts an unexpected twist on your everyday carry. Add the chain to make this a swinging tote. All your favorite things will be backed by sequins and glitter...yep, meet your favorite new accessory!


  • scissors
  • ruler (optional)
  • sharpie
  • small hole punch or rotary punch
  • tape
  • sewing needle (included)
  • nail polish remover (optional)
  • template


  • clear vinyl
  • silver collar studs
  • sequin and glitter mix
  • monofilament
  • silver chain
  • jump rings


45 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials.

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Cut out all the shapes in the template.

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Tape the shapes together (leaving the smaller rectangle on it's own) using the dashes in the center to keep them lined up.

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Lay them out on the vinyl however both templates will fit.

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Trace around the shapes with a permanent marker. You can use a ruler to keep the lines straight or just wing it freehand.

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Cut out both shapes along the lines, set the smaller rectangle aside for now. You can remove any left over marker by using a little bit of nail polish remover.

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Line up the larger template with the vinyl and punch out the 6 holes that are marked. You want the holes no bigger than 4mm. If you don't have a rotary punch you can make a small slit right at the center of the mark and with your scissors make tiny cuts into a circle.

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You should have 6 holes total; 2 at top, 2 in the middle, and 2 at bottom.

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Cut a piece of clear thread about 1 yard long. Thread your needle and knot the very end into a double knot.

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Place the smaller rectangle right in the center of the larger piece of vinyl.

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Start under the smaller rectangle at one corner and push your needle through, tucking the knot in between the two layers.

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Going through both layers, create a running stitch about 2mm from the edge. You want to make small stitches so when the sequins and glitter are put inside they don't escape through loose and long stitching.

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Continue stitching along 3 sides. Push your hand into the pocket to unstick the vinyl.

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Pour some sequins and glitter into the pocket.

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Finish stitching up the open side. When you get the the starting point tie a secure knot and snip off the excess thread.

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With the screw end of one stud push it up through hole on the left side flap. Pull up the bottom flap and put it on the screw stud as well.

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Screw the top on the stud. Repeat on the other side.

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The top two holes go over the studs.

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If you'd like to add a chain to your bag, punch a small hole about 1/4" from the edge at the top.

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Open a jump ring and thread it through the hole. The jump rings are strong so use a pair of pliers on both sides if needed.

Remix-vinyl-clutch-tutorial-21 Pin-it%402x

Attach the last link of chain into the open jump ring. Close the jump ring tight. Repeat on the other side.

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Perfect for a night out. You'll never loose those keys in the bottom of your bag again.