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Roberta Catch All

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With the Roberta Catch All, organizing has never looked this luxurious. Lush suede in a summer sunset rust and brass hardware lend a touch of class to a side table or desk.


  • scissors, x-acto knife, or leather rotary punch
  • pencil


  • rust suede leather
  • brass rivets


15 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials. If you don't have a rotary punch for leather we are going to show you how to create this project with scissors or an X-Acto knife, so grab what you've got!

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Fold the suede in half diagonally. Pinching the corner.

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Pick up one side of a rivet and hold it on the corner of the suede. The placement should be centered with at least 1mm of suede showing on each side, by the edges. Mark the center point of the rivet with a pencil.

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Repeat on the other folded side so you have two even pencil marks where the rivet will go. Repeat marking this spot on each of the remaining corners.

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If you are using a rotary punch. punch out all 8 pencil marks. Remember to set your punch to the right thickness for the rivet post.

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To use an X-Acto knife make sure to grab a cutting mat to protect your surface. Cut a small "x" right on top of all the pencil markings. The "x" should be wide enough for the rivet post to fit through but not too large that the top of the rivets slide through.

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To use scissors, fold the suede in half right at the center of each marked point. Make one tiny snip and then fold it the opposite direction to make another tiny snip, creating a small cut "x" shape. The "x" should be wide enough for the rivet post to fit through but not too large that the top of the rivets slide through.

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Fold the corners diagonally again and push one smooth side rivet through both holes.

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Screw the other side of the rivet to the first and repeat for each corner.

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This catchall is handy for so many things. Use it on your dresser to store rings and things or in your craft room for pins and needles.


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over 3 years ago

Just showed this one to my husband and he wants it for himself. Thanks Makers, early Christmas gift done.



over 3 years ago

@blueskies - yes, this would make an excellent gift!!! Good idea!



over 3 years ago

Wowzers.... This is one of the MOST AWESOME projects you have designed!!! I'm going to find lots of rivets and use the tons of coloured leather and vintage suede I have to make slews of these!!! If I waterproof the leather I'll be set!! Thank you for your continual inspiration!!



over 3 years ago

Thanks @ladamox!!! Glad you loved this project, it;s one of our recent favorites too;)



over 3 years ago

Oh my gosh! This is awesome! Such a simple, yet elegant craft! I made this for my hubs-to-be's birthday! He's going to totally dig it! I think I'm going to get more scrap faux leather and make more for Christmas gifts! Thanks for the inspiration! P.S. I used my Crop-A-Dile hole puncher on the 3/16 setting to punch the holes with ease. =)