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Rosewood Bowl

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This might be our favorite combination yet! Untreated pine and tinted pink plaster become one in the Rosewood Bowl. Perfect for holding important things like keys, or you know, pretty paperclips.


  • sandpaper
  • e6000 glue
  • popsicle stick
  • measuring spoons: tbs and tsp
  • small glass of water
  • piece of scrap paper or funnel


  • pink plaster
  • wood disc
  • balloon
  • foam bowl
  • 1 tablespoon of uncooked rice or beans


20 minutes + drying time
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Gather your tools and materials.

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First let's talk plaster! This plater sets fairly fast; with a working time of 60-90 seconds and a set time of 2-5 minutes we recommend reading through the directions once before starting! Use cold or room temperature water. If you use warm water the plaster will set faster and have a shorter working time which means you have to move faster, so try at your own risk. Also, this plaster is pretty low key on safety requirements...but, that doesn't mean you should go snorting it and sprinkling it in your eyes, ok? K. Let's get started!

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Make a paper funnel or use a kitchen funnel and pour about 1 tablespoon of uncooked rice or beans into the balloon. Set it aside.

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Add 6 leveled tablespoons of plaster into the foam bowl.

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Add 2.5 tablespoons of water into the foam bowl.

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Stir the water and plaster together with the popsicle stick. Make sure to incorporate all the plaster into the water by stirring around the sides and getting it all off the bottom.

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In order to get the air bubbles out of the plaster, tap the bowl on the table a few times.

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Take the balloon and blow a little air into it (these babies are tough, so blow hard). You want the diameter in the center of the balloon to be about 3.5" - don't tie it yet and take a look at the next step.

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While holding the top of the balloon push it into the plaster. Lift it up and make sure you see plaster about an inch and a half up the side of the balloon. This means it's sitting far enough in the cup to create a bowl shape in the plaster. Let out more air or add some to get the right amount. Tie off the balloon.

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Place the balloon down in the plaster. We like it slightly tilted to the side so the depression is off center, but this is totally up to you. The balloon will rest on the sides of the foam bowl. Set it aside and let the plaster dry for at least 15 minutes.

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Once the plaster is dry remove the balloon. Pull the outer sides of the foam bowl to loosen the plaster from the inside of the bowl.

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Turn the bowl over and tap it on a table a couple times to remove the plaster. You can also rip the foam bowl apart if it doesn't release easily from just tapping.

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To avoid creating dust as we sand add a little bit of water to the top of the sandpaper.

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Sand the bottom a few times to create a totally flat surface where we will glue on the wood disc. Also sand the top edges to make smooth.

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You can sand the inside top edge and inside the bowl to make it all smooth. Remove all the dust with a lightly watered down paper towel.

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Add a good amount of glue to one side of the wood disc. Don't go all the way to the edge with the glue as it will spread once you attach it to the bowl.

Noma-dish-turotial-16 Pin-it%402x

Center it and set the bowl face down to dry.

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Once dry fill it with knick knacks, pretty gold rings, or even last summer's beach finds.


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about 4 years ago

whats the rice funnel for?



about 4 years ago

Could I line the foam bowl with vaseline then mix the plaster in a different small plastic container then poured into the provided foam bowl, therefore being able to reuse the foam bowl? And, would the gold pen and/or acrylic paints work on the plaster/wood? Oh, and the silver sheet that I never used to tattoos? And a fourth question, would water with food coloring make a different color or marbled plaster? Sorry, another question, would clear nail polish seal the plaster (knowing it would give a glossy look)?



about 4 years ago

@serenarado - we put a bit of rice in the ballon to weigh it down while the plaster dries. You can avoid the rice altogether and hold the balloon in the plaster for about 5 minutes while it sets.



about 4 years ago

@craftlady - No need to line the bowl with vaseline, it will come out with a couple taps on a table. You can line it with vaseline if you'd like but your plaster will look a bit darker because of the oil it will absorb as it dries. The gold paint pen and silver sheet would work as decoration on the plaster, give it a try! We've never tried mixing food coloring into the water but it sounds interesting so if you try it let us all know how it turns out! Clear nail polish should be fine as a sealant. It will just take you a good amount of time to paint on, so do it in a well ventilated room;) Best of luck!



about 4 years ago

I ground up rose petals from my Valentine's Day roses and mixed it with the plaster. Can't really see the speckles too much but I know it's there and makes the bowl a little more special <3.



about 4 years ago

Totally blew it with my bowl. I think I inflated the balloon a little big, which ended up leaving a little gap between the plaster that touched the sides of the bowl and the plaster that was on the balloon side - had to sand the bowl way down to get past this. Then, I left my bowl a little lopsided (but flat) on the bottom so that it would would lean a bit on the top, but the wooden disc slid while drying, so it's now only halfway on. While this be available in the store soon so that I can give it another go?



about 4 years ago

Hi @fraservc - Sorry to hear you had so much trouble! We know craftcidents happen on occasion:) We will definitely be adding this to the shop soon so keep checking back!



about 4 years ago

Hi For the Makers! When I received my box, my styrofoam bowl was cracked and warped a little. Would it be possible for you to send me another styrofoam bowl? I'm really looking forward to making this! Thanks!



about 4 years ago

HI @alittlefallofrain - Absolutely! We'll put another bowl in the mail for you asap!



about 4 years ago

Thank you! Just received it today, can't wait to get started!



almost 4 years ago

Wow! I'm so excited. My daughter got this for Mother's Day. What a great kid huh? I CAN'T WAIT FOR MINE TO GET HERE!!! Darn slow mailman! But, I'm happy.....



over 3 years ago

Hello again, organization continues, and missing balloon for this project.



over 3 years ago

We've got one on the way @ladamox