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Hudson Collection

Rye Market Tote

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You can’t head upstate (or to the greenmarket) without a proper tote. This light cotton tote folds up super small for stashing in your purse on last minute errands. You can create a variety of effects inspired by traditional dye techniques: ombre dip-dyed, organic stripes, or geometric patterns. All month we’ll bring you additional dyeing ideas to freshen up things you may already have around the house.


  • pan or container that you don't use for food
  • chopstick or spoon that you don't use for food
  • wax paper, dish towel or newspaper to protect your surfaces from the dye
  • rubber bands (included in collection and optional)


  • cotton tote bag
  • fabric dye
Dt1w3-1 Pin-it%402x

Gather your tools and materials. You’ll need wax paper, paper towels or an old dish rag to keep your workspace clean. We used an old pot that we don’t use for cooking but you can also use tupperware or any other large waterproof container. Never use the same pots/containers for cooking and dyeing.

Dt2fold1w Pin-it%402x

Fold the tote in half lengthwise.

Dt2fold2 Pin-it%402x

And fold again in fourths.

Dt2fold3w Pin-it%402x

Fold the bottom edge of the tote up, creating a right triangle.

Dt2fold4w Pin-it%402x

Flip the tote and continue folding to create right triangles all the way up.

Dt2fold6 Pin-it%402x

When you’ve reached the end of the tote you’ll have a folded stack.

Dt4 Pin-it%402x

Wet your fabric. It needs to be damp all over but not soaking.

Dt3 Pin-it%402x

Once the water is hot, turn off the heat source and add the dye packet. Stir. The amount of water you use will determine the depth of the color. Use less water for a darker color.

Dt5 Pin-it%402x

Dip each side of the fabric triangle into the dye.

Dt6 Pin-it%402x

We dipped ours in for just a second because the dye will keep soaking and spread quite a bit up the fabric.

Dt8 Pin-it%402x

Dip the handle into the dye and then let it dry on an absorbent surface- not your counter! To wash the tote you can either hand wash with detergent and water in your sink or throw it in the washer on it's own. Let it air dry.

Dt9 Pin-it%402x

There are endless variations to create. Here we’ve shown dip dyed, rolled and rubber band dyed, and variations on the technique we’ve used here. Make sure to download the For the Makers app and share photos of yours!


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over 2 years ago

@VLeger We did a bunch of tests with the tote and the silk string. Adding salt and/or vinegar didn't change the outcome of the materials we've included in the collection. But we would recommend following the iDye instructions if you are planning to dye any thing else you have around the house!



over 2 years ago

Do we need to use non-iodized salt or white vinegar for the dye? Since we're using this to do both the silk string and the tote bag??



over 2 years ago

@emeryliz if you open the dye package the inside contains stove top directions. I followed those and it turned out really good.



over 2 years ago

Do we need to follow the dye instructions to add salt, etc?



over 2 years ago

OOPS!! BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU OPEN THE DYE PACK. i had gloves and an apron on, but the packet popped open too quick and i had dye all over the newspaper and floor. I had to clean it up before it got tracked all over. sigh. but, it did dye beautifully. I used the leftovers to cover the dye spots on the apron from the packet incident. LOL!



over 2 years ago

AmyChicago- try ironing the bag flat before dying it. it will help. (I had many girl scout projects tie dyed! LOL)



over 2 years ago

@Amygchicago I put mine in the dryer after I washed it and I shrunk a lot...it's more of a mini tote bag now.



over 2 years ago

I washed my tote and it came out in horrible shape. Anyone else have this issue? Suggestions?



over 2 years ago

this was a horrible fail for me. i need to practice my Tye-dying skills.



over 2 years ago

@Jnlopez To make the dye colorfast wash the tote with a mild detergent- either by hand at the sink or on it's on in the washer.



over 2 years ago

do we need to wash it after or do we just hang it up outside to dry?