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Sapeurs Bangle

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Inspired by Africa's most recognized fabric - the Dutch influenced wax print cotton, we're loving the juxtaposition of this bangle with other tonal prints and patterns. Easy to wear with anything, let this piece make the outfit.


  • scissors
  • E6000 (optional)


  • resin bangle
  • African print fabric


10 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials.

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Pull the fabric through the bangle leaving at least 6" as a tail. The fabric does have a front and back. Make sure the whiter, less saturated side is facing the bangle.

Sb-3 Pin-it%402x

Holding onto the tail, start wrapping the bangle with the fabric. Keep it taught and overlap the fabric slightly as you make your way around.

Sb-4 Pin-it%402x

Go all the way around the bangle until you reach the tail you started with.

Sb-6 Pin-it%402x

Knot the two sides together. Double knot so it doesn't come out.

Sb-7 Pin-it%402x

Trim your ends at an angle.

Sb-8 Pin-it%402x


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If you don't want a small tie you can use the glue to secure the ends of the fabric on the inside.

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For a statement, stack with wooden bangles and gold chain bracelets.


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over 3 years ago

I really like the bracelets, but I can't wear them because my hands are too wide (about 4" from side to side). Please consider using larger bracelets or having some sizing options. Thanks.



over 3 years ago

*For those with smaller wrists*: I'd imagine it's difficult to do different sizing options with so many orders. The bangles are actually always too big for me. BUT, I've found that by putting 1-2 layers of double sided mounting tape on the inside of the bangle before wrapping with the fabric is a great solution for those with smaller wrists. It's sticky on both sides, so it actually helps with wrapping the fabric, as the fabric stays in place really well.



over 3 years ago

Just made this on my lunch break. LOVE. There's nothing like an instant-gratification project to make Monday brighter. The bright colors on this fabric are so great for summer - will wear this a LOT!



over 3 years ago

Cute & fun!



over 3 years ago

I really enjoyed this one! Love the overseas looking fabric! Reminds me of Africa and adds so much color to an outfit!



over 3 years ago

Also, where do you find blank bangles like this?!



over 3 years ago

Hi @charityborne we had ours made for the kit but you can search terms like acrylic bangle, plastic bangle, or resin bangle to find some similar styles at reasonable prices.