Scattered Dreams Bracelet

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Brighten up your wrist with a stunning bracelet featuring a fun combination of rhinestones, vinyl sequins, and seed beads. This DIY kit makes one bracelet.



  • cotton cord
  • d-ring silver hardware
  • jump rings
  • lobster clasp
  • thread
  • mix of rhinestones in settings
  • vinyl sequins
  • seed beads


45 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials.

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Snip your thread and double knot the end. It's easiest to work with about 2 feet of thread at a time.

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Slide one end of the cotton trim through the D-ring.

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Fold the edge of the ribbon over twice to create a clean edge. Starting in the middle of this fold pull your need and thread toward you. This neat trick lets you hide your knot.

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Stitch the ends of the ribbon together- up and around. Go around in a circle a couple times in the same place before moving down the width of the trim.

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We made about a dozen stitches right along the edge to make sure that sucker stays stitched. When you get the the other side go around in a circle again a few times and then knot your thread to the trim.

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Snip off the excess thread.

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To get the perfect fit use the cotton trim to measure your wrist. Place your finger right where the next D-ring will go. Remember that we are going to add about 1/2" in length when we add the clasp. So if you like your bracelets a little tighter, keep that in mind!

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Add about half and inch of ribbon to your measurement so that you have room to fold and stitch it. Cut the trim. Attach the second D-ring to this end using the same process of folding and stitching.

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You can layout the larger rhinestones to get a general sense of where you would like to stitch them on.

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Cut another piece of thread and start attaching the rhinestones with your threaded needle. We like to start in the center and work our way out. You can go up through the trim, leaving a 2" tail of thread, and then back down - tie a knot to the trim with the two ends of thread which will be more secure. Thread your first rhinestone bead onto the needle and then back through the trim. Go through all the holes at least once.

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Repeat with a second rhinestone. We love them slightly scattered across the ribbon so feel free to use some creative license here.

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Once you've added all the rhinestones it is time to start filling in the empty space with sequins an beads.

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The tiny blue beads and colorful sequins work best stitched on together. Poke the needle up through the trim and thread one sequin onto the needle first, then one blue bead, and back through the sequin hole . This keeps the sequin attached.

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Fill out the ribbon with scattered beads and sequins. When you're happy with your design, knot your thread securely on the back of the trim. Snip off the end.

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Open a jump ring using using your chain nose pliers. On one D-ring, connect the D-ring and a lobster clasp together with the jump ring. Close the jump ring.

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On the other side of the bracelet connect two jump rings to the D-ring for the lobster clasp to use as a catch. You are all done!