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Slate Coffee Sleeve

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‘Don’t even mess with me until I’ve finished this cup of caffeine. Thank you.’

With gold pyramid studs and chain this coffee sleeve speaks for you on your morning commute. The studs make the most classic of color combinations slightly tough. Just like you.



  • slate black felt
  • midnight black thread
  • gold pyramid studs
  • brass ball chain
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Gather your tools and materials. You'll need to gather scissors, the larger sewing needle, pliers, tape, and print the tutorial.

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Cut around the exterior of the printed pattern.

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Tape it to the felt to secure it while you cut the felt.

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Cut the felt along the edge of the pattern.

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Cut about a yard of the black embroidery thread. Thread your needle and double knot the thread at the very end.

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First you'll stitch the ball chain to the felt with small whip stitches. Begin on the top lefthand corner.

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Hold the felt and chain in one hand and stitch them together with the other. We used small stitches and stitched from right to left.

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Stitch until you reach the end of the felt.

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Once you've reached the end of the top side flip the coffee sleeve over, knot the thread, and snip it.

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Clip off the excess ball chain with scissors or jewelry clippers. (Make sure they're old scissors!)

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Cut a second yard of thread. Thread the needle, knot the thread, and begin stitching the ball chain to the bottom of the felt sleeve. Use the same small stitches that you used for the top.

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When you've finished sewing the chain on, knot and snip the thread on the back side of the felt. Flip the felt over and clip the ball chain.

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Now that you've finished stitching the ball chain to the felt line up the two short ends. You'll stitch this together next to create the seam.

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Cut a third length of thread. Thread your needle and knot the thread.

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Holding the felt in one hand stitch the ends together using short stitches.

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Stitch away! Use small, even stitches but don't be overly concerned making them perfect as you'll cover them with studs in the next step.

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Continue stitching until you reach the end of the felt.

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Knot the thread and snip the excess.

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Line up the first stud with the edge of the felt. Push the prongs through the felt and fold them over each other on the interior of the sleeve.

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You may want to use pliers to fold over the prongs.

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Continue adding studs along the seam until you've reached the end.

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Sip away!


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about 6 years ago

I cant wait to make this!!!! Super cute!



about 6 years ago

So cute yet totally bad a$$ !!!



about 6 years ago

@Nicosweetser you nailed it :)



about 6 years ago

Quite intricate with all of the stitching. I'm not a very avid sewer, so it probably took me longer than some others. I like the finished product. I may have cut the pattern a little small, as I ended up only using nine studs on the seam. I decided to add the extra one to the front of the cozy, which adds a tiny touch of 'tude.



about 6 years ago

Done. I'm not a great stitcher, so it looks a little sloppy, but I like it.



over 5 years ago

Hey there, What a cute project! I love it so much that I decided to feature it in our roundup of homemade coffee cozies! Check it out here: http://www.favecraftsblog.com/link-love-coffee-cozies/ Have a great day!



over 5 years ago

Finished, can't wait to use the coffee sleeve now :)