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Sophia Headband

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Every June it gets hot enough to contemplate chopping off our locks. A headband can look overly young, but it sure will keep the hair out of your face. With raffia-wrapped crystal chain this isn't the headband you were rocking in sixth grade. It's equal parts 60's glamazon and casual luxe and looks just as great on the crosstown bus as it does in the tropics. We love it with a messy do.


  • scissors
  • glue if you’d like


  • headband base
  • rhinestone chain
  • coral raffia
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Gather your tools and materials. You’ll need raffia, crystal rhinestone chain, headband base, and a pair of scissors. You may want to use a bit of the E600 to secure the raffia.

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Cut a length of raffia about 2.5 yards long and tie the raffia to the end of the headband.

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Hold the short end of the raffia in one hand and wrap the raffia tightly around the headband with the other hand. Untwisting the raffia as you go will make it lay flatter and fill more space as you wrap.

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Center the rhinestone chain along the headband and note where you’ll start wrapping the chain to the headband.

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Lash the chain to the headband, wrapping the raffia in between each stone on the chain.

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Once you’ve wrapped the entire chain to the headband continue wrapping the headband on it’s own until you reach the end of the base.

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Knot and trim the raffia. For extra security you may want to add a tiny dab of glue here.

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Next wrap the raffia in the reverse direction to fill it out a bit. Cut a second 2.5 yard strip of raffia and knot it to the headband. Continue wrapping toward the other end of the headband.

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As you wrap the chain to the headband pull the raffia in the opposite direction to create an 'X' in between each crystal stone.

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Once you’ve reached the end of the headband base, knot the raffia and snip the end. Add a small dab of glue to the raffia tail to secure it if you'd like.

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Voila! Wear it with style. Experiment with different ways to wrap the headband. A thick cobra knot around the rhinestone chain looks super chic.


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almost 6 years ago

Love it! Growing out my bangs and this adorable headband will be handy!



almost 6 years ago

This is my first For The Makers box and it was so much fun! The project was easy to do for beginner crafters and the end product is so beautiful, fun and useful. Thanks!



almost 6 years ago

It's was so much fun to make and so easy! Thank you!



almost 6 years ago

My favorite craft this month! Thank you!!



almost 4 years ago

I'm late to the Sophia headband party, having just purchased one a la carte. Is there a tutorial anywhere for doing the cobra knot version? Or a recommendation for how much raffia is needed? I have to imagine it's more than the simpler version's 2.5 yards.



almost 4 years ago

Hi @megaroo if you purchased a kit in the shop you will have more than enough raffia to create the cobra knot version! We did a cobra knot on technique in a couple tutorials - you'll be able to get the knot down and apply it to the headband in no time! Found here and here.