Sorenson Leather Wallet

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Premium vegetable tanned cow leather paired with a slim silhouette make this the perfect everyday wallet for those who like to keep it minimal. Make one for yourself, your dad, or your bestie. Wallet hold up to 10 cards and a little stash cash. Each DIY kit makes one wallet.


  • sharp scissors
  • pen or pencil
  • rotary punch or small hole punch


  • leather
  • needle and thread
  • template ruler (optional)


45 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials.

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Cut out the template right along the black line.

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The template is half of the wallet which means it will be mirrored on the leather to complete the full wallet. Line the template up on the back of the leather (suede side up, smooth side down) and make sure you will have enough room to double the template when you place it.

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Trace the outside of the template lightly with a pencil or pen. Stop at the top corners and don't outline the middle of the template at the dotted lines.

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Rotate the template to the other side and line it up to the penciled outline. The wallet sides need to be straight. You can use a ruler to make sure the two sides are straight before you trace the second side.

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Cut out the leather with scissors, right along the drawn lines.

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Poke out the 8 holes on the template and lay it back over the leather. Mark where the holes will go on both sides with a pen or pencil.

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Punch the holes.

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Cut a piece of thread about 12" long.

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Fold one half of the leather over and line up the holes. Once everything is straight and all holes are matching front to back press on the folded edge firmly which will help keep things lined up as you stitch it together.

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Put the thread through one back bottom hole and leave a tail of thread 2.5" long on the inside.

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Fold the leather back over and old that inside piece of thread in place. Thread your needle with the opposite long end of thread and start wrapping the thread around the two holes on the outside. You will want to go around at least 6-8 times for good support.

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On the last wrap bring the needle and thread back into the center of the wallet.

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Tie a secure and tight triple knot with the short end of thread you left inside at the beginning of the stitch to the long thread you just pulled inside. This knot should be super tight and secure...with all the wear this wallet will get you want a good knot here.

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Snip off the excess thread leaving a centimeter long tail.

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Repeat this process for all 4 holes.

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Repeat the folding and stitching on the other side of the wallet to complete it. Keep the thread spool in case you ever need to replace a knot here and there as the wallet gets worn with time!