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Cozy on up with a cup a tea and stitch away with the Stellar Embroidery Kit. Perfect for gifting or placed on a wall with a collection of personal curios.


  • printable template
  • scissors
  • embroidery needle
  • embroidery hoop
  • pencil
  • low-tac tape (optional)


  • linen fabric
  • crystal rose montees
  • embroidery thread in two colors


45 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials. Print out the template and grab a pair of scissors, a pencil and some masking tape (optional).

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Hold the fabric centered over the template and trace the lines with a pencil. It's easier to do this if the two are taped together so you don't loose your place. Hold the two up against a window with light coming in to see the lines on the template through the linen.

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Loosen the screw join and pop out the inner hoop. Embroidery hoops are used to keep an embroidery project taut as you work it. The aim is to avoid puckering the fabric which will cause uneven stitches.

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Center the linen on top of the smaller inner hoop and push the top back on.

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Tighten the screw a bit and then go around the back of the hoop and pull the linen tightly so the fabric isn't puckered or loose in the center. When you've gone all the way around, tighten your screw one last time to hold it all in place as you stitch.

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Cut a piece of blue embroidery floss a little over a yard (36" to 40") long. Double knot one end and thread the floss through the eye of your needle. To help with this, wet the end of the thread, cut it at a slight angle with scissors and pinch it between your fingers. With the needle eye facing down slide it between your pinched fingers to easily thread it through the eye

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Start stitching from the back, poking your needle up at one end-point of the lines you drew. Move the needle along to the next closest point.

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When you've completed the first large star poke your needle back up through the linen right at the inside edge of the circle you've created with the stitched lines.

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Thread on a small crystal and bring it down to the linen. In order to secure it in place hold it where you would like it and then push your needle back through the linen.

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Keep moving on and stitching the other stars you would like to make in blue thread.

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Once you're done with all the blue sections bring your needle to the back side of the hoop.

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Tie a knot on the back by threading the needle under a piece of floss and tying a double knot around it. Snip off the excess thread.

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Cut a piece of grey thread about 24" long. Knot one end and thread your needle. Finish up all the open lines and then tie it off on the back just as we did with the blue thread. When you're done cut off the extra linen on the sides.

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You can use a piece of the embroidery thread to create a loop at the top for hanging.


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over 4 years ago

You actually don't even need to print the template -- you can use your laptop screen like a lightbox. Just pull up the PDF, zoom so the diagram fits the embroidery loop, use a piece of making tape to hold the cloth in place, and trace like you would the printout.



over 4 years ago

For ipad users, you can also use your screen as a lightbox; it's a bit easier to trace a screen in your lap too. I used this method on the previous For The Makers embroidery project, and other embroidery projects as well. Save the PDF to iBooks, then open it and resize it to about the size of your hoop. Then take a screenshot of your resized image. Make the image your lock screen image so that the image doesn't move around while you trace it. Washi tape works great to keep the fabric straight on the screen; it won't leave residue or do any damage. You can use a pencil (trace softly!) and then after completely tracing the image and removing it from my iPad, I like to trace over the pencil lines with a Pilot Frixon pen...they're erasable, with heat activated erasing ink. That means that when you're finished with your embroidery, you can literally "erase" the ink using an iron. I've done it on lots of embroidery pieces, and it works great! Here's an amazon link (I've found them at Target too!) http://www.amazon.com/Pilot-FriXion-Retractable-Erasable-Assorted/dp/B009QYH644/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1421029810&sr=8-1&keywords=pilot+frixion