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Stevie Rope Necklace

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Contact paper is great for more than just covering your grandma's kitchen. Using exotic prints and velvety texture the Stevie Rope Necklace is nod to 70s California style and post-modernist art all in one. #Makertake it with untreated wooden beads or a chunky tassel. No filter needed.


  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pen or pencil


  • 3-strand cotton rope
  • mix of brass tube beads
  • snakeskin contact paper
  • malachite contact paper
  • velour contact paper


30 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials.

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For this tutorial we are using contact paper to make custom brass beads. We love the look of the brass peeking out at the sides. To do this we'll need to measure precisely so that everything lines up once the contact paper is applied to the bead. Using a ruler, measure the width of your bead - we're starting with the longest largest bead.

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Grab the contact paper you would like to use to wrap the largest bead. In order for the contact paper to wrap all the way around the bead make sure you cut down the length of the long side for the next step.

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Take the bead width measurement and subtract 1/8" - making our measurement on the contact paper approximately 1-1/16". Mark this point on the short side of your contact paper. Turn your ruler 90 degrees and mark a straight line down the long side of your contact paper at the 1-1/16" mark.

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Cut straight down the line.

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Now we are going to figure out how long we need the contact paper to be so that it wraps all the way around the bead. Roll the paper tightly around the bead.

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When the paper meets, mark that line with a pencil. Cut straight along this line.

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Peel off the back of the contact paper. Line up the contact paper, sticky side down, right at the center of your bead. Make sure all the edges are straight before you wrap it around the bead.

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Press the paper firmly around the bead.

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Repeat the same process to make the other three beads. Take 1/8" off each measurement so you have a bit of brass showing on the edge of the beads.

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You can mix the paper however you like.

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String all the beads onto the rope. You can add wood beads or fabric to this style for an even greater statement before finishing it off.

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Once you have the beads how you like on the rope we are going to make 2 sliding knots which will allow you to make the necklace many lengths! Lay the necklace down and overlap the end of the rope. Pull the right cord to the left, and the left cord to the right. Tie a sliding knot by going over the left side of the cord, then behind and back through the loop you created around the opposite cord.

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Pull to tighten. Try to keep your knots towards the end of the cord so you don't loose too much length in the final necklace.

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Repeat the same knot with the other side of the rope, but reverse the direction of the loop so the end of the rope hangs out the opposite side making it easy to adjust the necklace length.

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This necklace will have you grooving your way into Fall! Since this necklace is made of paper be careful not to get it too wet.


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over 3 years ago

This is really clever. I can't wait to make it.



over 3 years ago

Love the beads, but instead of the white rope I think they look better on the chain shown in this picture: https://s3.amazonaws.com/forthemakers-production-new/rich/rich_files/rich_files/7612/original/runaway-moodboard.jpg Is it possible to make the brass chain available in the shop?



over 3 years ago

I'm also not digging the rope with this necklace -- I'm thinking about using the cord from the trivets instead. I have a findings kit, and would love suggestions on how to use the cord instead.



over 3 years ago

Hi @cbalusek - we think that's a great idea! We've made a couple versions of the necklace using the suede cord as well and it looks great. This collection really let's you mix materials across all the projects. You could even add the wood beads between the brass tube beads or on the side if you are using the suede cord instead. Simply tie the two ends together in an overhand knot for an easy throw on style or use the glue-on end caps from findings kit along with jump rings and a lobster clasp. Adding a clasp will allow you to make the necklace shorter if you prefer a tighter style to frame your face! Remember to show us what you make by using #forthemakers



over 3 years ago

Hi @katieface - we are on the look out for more of this chain. The one on our mood board is a vintage chain that we only have one piece of but keep your eyes on the shop... we might track some down eventually!!!



over 3 years ago

Should I leave the masking tape on the ends of the rope?



over 3 years ago

is there any way to get more contact paper? i really messed mine up and can't find any anywhere except the shelf paper kind. Love everything i have got from you guys so far!