Stone Trellis Earrings

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One of our favorite styles featured in the book: Make A Statement (available here), we are making this project easier than ever to make and with these gorgeous aquamarine stones you can't miss this super sweet DIY!



  • semiprecious aquamarine chip beads
  • gold plated brass bars
  • jump rings
  • headpins
  • french earwires


30 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials.

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About 10mm above the end of the headpin, fold the wire at a 90 degree angle using your chain nose pliers.

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With the round nose pliers, hold the end of the tail and bend the wire around the pliers forming a small loop.

Forthemakers-holiday15-34 Pin-it%402x

Snip off any excess wire using your clippers.

Forthemakers-holiday15-36 Pin-it%402x

Open the loop slightly and connect it to one side of the bar. Close the loop tightly.

Forthemakers-holiday15-37 Pin-it%402x

Thread 5 chips onto the wire.

Forthemakers-holiday15-40 Pin-it%402x

Create another loop on the other side of the wire and connect it to a second bar. Snip off any excess wire using your clippers.

Forthemakers-holiday15-42 Pin-it%402x

Open a jump ring by twisting the two ends apart, north to south.

Forthemakers-holiday15-43 Pin-it%402x

Connect the top loops of the two bar together with the jump ring. Close the jump ring tightly.

Forthemakers-holiday15-44 Pin-it%402x

Thread the ear wire through the jump ring.

Forthemakers-holiday15-45 Pin-it%402x

Repeat the steps to complete your pair!