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Studio Wear Belt

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The Studio Wear Belt features large, colorful rhinestone embellishments making it a whimsical and feminine statement piece. Cinch in and amp up an LBD with this playful number at your next cocktail party.


  • sewing needle (included)
  • scissors
  • paper towel
  • cup of water
  • plate for your palette


  • mix of rhinestones in crystal and black diamond
  • silver D-rings
  • thread bobbin
  • Blick acrylic paint set
  • grey cotton trim
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Gather your tools and materials. You'll want a a paper towel to protect from paint spillage, a cup of water to rinse off your paintbrush, something to use as your palette and a pair of scissors.

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Mix up the paints to create the color of your choosing. This is the color that you'll be using on the rhinestone embellishments.

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We chose saturated purple tones by mixing red and blue. Coat the gem region of the embellishments. Coat once for a sheer, translucent effect or layer on a couple more coats to achieve an opaque look. We only painted the larger crystal stone and the black diamond pear stone. Feel free to paint at your own liking. Set aside to dry.

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Slip the gray cotton trim through both belt loops.

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Loop around and fold in the end of the trim 1/4".

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Cut a small piece of thread about 12" long, we'll use this to sew the belt in place. Thread your needle and add a double knot at the end.

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Starting in the middle of this fold pull your need and thread toward you. This neat trick lets you hide your knot between the layers.

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Sew the belt loop in place by stitching in the same place several times - up and around.

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Continue stitching down the width of the trim to reach the other end. When you get to the end, repeat your stitches in place going up and over to secure the end shut, just as you did at the top.

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Knot your thread around the fabric, and trim your thread.

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Tighten the belt until it fits perfectly around your waist. Mark the trim about 6" past the belt loops.

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Cut off the excess belt material at the spot you marked.

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Double fold a 1/4" of the end that you just cut.

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Sew in place with a running stitch. Making sure to reinforce your top and bottom edges with a few stitches going up and around. Knot your thread to the trim and snip your end.

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Line up your rhinestones as you would like to sew them to the belt. If you would like to avoid any further sewing, a bit of E6000 glue or any fabric/gem tac works for a quick solution. If you are going to glue on your stones make sure to allow your glue to dry overnight.

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Begin the stitch from below the gem and run your needle through the opening on the gem.

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Loop around and down.

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There is no right way to stitch the stone on just make sure to go through each hole several times and to keep the stone straight with your finger as you stitch.

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Once you've secured your stone to the belt pull your thread to the back side and create a knot around your fabric several times. Trim your end.

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The large crystal stone has holes that are vertical to the belt. The process for stitching this one on is slightly different than the others. Start by stitching under the stone to hide your knot.

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To secure this stone in place stitch from underneath and then go through the holes several times. Pick up the sides of the belt as you stitch back and forth.

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Your stitches should look something like this. When you've secured the stone, pull your thread to the back. Knot your thread to the belt and trim your ends. Continue stitching the remaining stones to the belt.

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Ta-da! Pair with an LBD to show off your handiwork at your next cocktail party.


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over 5 years ago

Has anyone made an alternate project with these materials? I *love* these rhinestones, but would just as soon not make a belt. Looking for ideas and inspiration for other uses of these materials...



over 5 years ago

Yeah, Kimberly, that belt is so not happening. I'm thinking of maybe doing a headband.



over 5 years ago

a headband is a great idea! i didn't get the grey cotton trim in my kit, though :( is there any left to send my way? if not, i'll have to hold onto the rhinestones and make something another time!



over 5 years ago

I was thinking of making a wrap bracelet. I'll probably follow the instructions, but make it smaller and wrap around my wrist a few times.



over 5 years ago

@burgess_brown @laurens Loving all the alternate ideas that are being suggested! Let us know how the new projects turn out. @eceven so sorry your kit was missing the trim, send us an email and we'll get some in the mail for you asap. accountsATforthemakersDOTcom



about 5 years ago

I used the Mercury Initials and glitter from the earrings in the Winter Solstice to add to the belt, instead of painting the gems. I really like how it turned out.