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Tasi Wall Hooks

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Keep your necklace collection in order and on display with the Tasi wall hooks. Paint them in all-over color or stick to a more geometric approach. Either way these hooks will clean up your nightstand and brighten up your wall.


  • paint brush
  • cup of water
  • paper towel
  • small dish not used for food
  • nail and hammer or screw driver
  • tape (optional)


  • acrylic paint in three colors
  • wooden knobs with threaded inserts
  • steel hanger bolts


10 minutes + drying time
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Gather your tools and materials.

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We are going to show painting simple blocked colors onto the knobs. Scroll down to the end of this tutorial to see some other options for painting. Set up your area by carefully opening the colors of paint you'd like to use and a surface to mix them on. Unroll about 3" of low tack tape.

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Mark off the area you'd like to cover with paint. Press on the edge of the tape firmly to prevent any paint from leaking underneath. Curve the tape around the side.

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If you'd like you can mix colors together to create a custom palette. Use the end of your paint brush to scoop out a little paint. A lot goes a long way so you won't need much for painting the knobs.

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Make sure to wipe off your paint brush between colors.

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Stir the paint together until it's combined.

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Once you've achieved your perfect color, dip your paint brush into the paint.

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Paint an even coat of paint on one side of the tape and along the edge. You won't really need to go all the way down the side since you can't see it once the hook is hung on a wall. For most colors you will only need one coat but for lighter colors you might want to add a second coat after the first has dried.

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Set your knob down to dry and rinse off your brush when you are done painting.

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Once completely dry you can peel off the tape slowly.

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The hanger bolts included have two sides. The blunt side is the one that screws into the knob. Twist until it reaches the end of that side.

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If hanging the knobs on a wall with dry wall you can simply start a hole with a nail and hammer. Remove the nail and then screw the knob into the wall. For a harder surface wall, such as wood, you will need to grab your screw driver and make an appropriate size hole for the screw to be inserted.

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You're ready to start hanging your favorite jewelry!

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Some options for painting: color blocks, ombre, stripes, polka dots, geometric patterns and all-over color.


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almost 5 years ago

This is perfect, I had been searching for cute wall hooks and couldn't find any. Not only did you solve my problem but you picked the color scheme I was looking for! Is someone at FTM telepathic, lol?



almost 5 years ago

Happy to hear it @joier - you'll have to send us a picture of them finished! #forthemakers #makertakes



almost 5 years ago

These colors are PERFECT for my room which has a seaside cottage color scheme and these exact colors!