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Technicolor Pouch

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Carry your change with a splash of color by personalizing this hand painted pouch. Experiment with colors and designs for a variety of dreamy effects--the possibilities are endless.


  • wax paper
  • paper towel
  • paint brush (included)
  • scissors
  • cup of water
  • plate for your palette
  • sewing needle (included)


  • cotton canvas fabric
  • 5” white zipper
  • thread bobbin
  • Blick acrylic paint set
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Gather your materials. You'll want a a paper towel to protect from paint spillage, a cup of water to rinse off your paintbrush, something to use as your palette and a pair of scissors.

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Paint your canvas. Have fun here--mix colors, experiment with different techniques, etc. We went for a dreamy watercolor effect. Using lots of water to spread the paint out. Paint it all the way to the edges.

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Let the paint dry completely. Then fold in a 1/4' of the canvas material. place the folded edge on top of the zipper leaving just a small space between the plastic teeth and the painted fabric.

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Cut a piece of thread about 18" long, thread your needle and add a triple knot at the end. If you own a sewing machine by all means get stitching on the fast track, no hand sewing required.

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Starting from the underside stitch the zipper in place with a basic running stitch.

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Keep stitching down the width of the fabric. You can move the zipper as you stitch to avoid any bumps along the way.

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When you reach the end of the fabric, tie a secure triple knot to the back of the zipper.

Cp13 Pin-it%402x

Snip your knotted thread and begin the exact same process on the other side. Fold in 1/4' of the pouch on the opposite end.

Cp14 Pin-it%402x

Line up your fabric with the zipper. Cut another piece of thread about 18" long, thread your needle and triple knot your thread at the end.

Cp15 Pin-it%402x

Make sure your fabric is lined up to the zipper and begin stitching in place, starting from the underside to hide your knot.

Cp16 Pin-it%402x

Stitching on this side adds a degree of difficulty. Remember you can move the zipper as you stitch down the width of the fabric to help with your hand placement.

Cp17 Pin-it%402x

Turn inside out and line up the edges. Make sure your zipper is open! This will help you turn it right side out when you are done stitching the sides.

Cp18 Pin-it%402x

Starting at the edge of your zipper, stitch the sides closed.

Cp19 Pin-it%402x

Make sure to secure the edge with a few overhead stitches before you stitch the rest of the fabric.

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Stitch down the length of the fabric in a straight line using a basic running stitch. You can also mark the fabric with pencil if you'd like a straight guide to stitch down. When you reach the end, go over the last stitch several times before you double knot your thread.

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Snip your thread.

Cp22 Pin-it%402x

Repeat steps 13-16 on the other side.

Cp23 Pin-it%402x

Trim any long edges and turn your pouch right side out.

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Gently poke out the corners. Zip it up and you're set!


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over 5 years ago

SOOOO excited for this one!



over 5 years ago

What is the wax paper for?



over 5 years ago

@norabelle414 - the wax paper just acts as a way to keep your table clean while you paint. You can see it under the fabric in step 2. You could keep it on the wax paper and/or paper towel to dry.



over 5 years ago

This pouch ended up super cute. It's just the right size to keep business cards organized!