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The Louise

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An ode to our favorite Louise, this bracelet is a study in monochrome. The amazing hematite fishtail chain is our favorite find of the month. We tied it with a wisp of hand painted silk ribbon and paired it with a vintage rhinestone bracelet to keep it soft. It transforms even the most basic jeans and tee combination.


  • flat pliers
  • clippers
  • scissors


  • charcoal grey thread
  • hand painted silk thread
  • hematite fishbone chain
  • oval jump rings
  • oversize closed ring
  • lobster clasp
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Gather your materials. You'll also need a pair of scissors, clippers, and a pair of flat pliers (or strong fingers).

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Measure your wrist with the chain and mark it if it needs to trimmed a tad to fit.

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Cut the chain to fit your wrist.

Fb4s Pin-it%402x

Open the first small oval jump ring with your pliers. Remember to pull north to south rather than east to west.

Fb5s Pin-it%402x

Attach the jump ring to the first end of the fishbone chain.

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Add the lobster clasp to the oval jump ring and close with your pliers.

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Repeat on the opposite end of the chain with oversize closed jump ring.

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Now you have the base of your bracelet.

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Cut about 2 yards of grey thread. Make sure to save some thread for making the Frida.

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Slip the thread through the small oval jump ring that attaches the oversize jump ring to the chain.

Fb11s Pin-it%402x

Double knot the thread to attach it to the jump ring.

Fb12s Pin-it%402x

Trim one end of the thread. Leaving a little tail.

Fb13s Pin-it%402x

Pull the thread toward you in order to start wrapping the chain. You'll wrap the trimmed end with the other end as you go.

Fb14sw Pin-it%402x

Start wrapping. You'll wrap around each 'bone' of the fishbone chain three times before moving onto the next.

Fb15s Pin-it%402x

Keep wrapping. It helps to hold the chain taut as you wrap.

Fb17s Pin-it%402x

Keep wrapping until you're reached the end of the chain.

Fb18s Pin-it%402x

Double knot the thread around the oval jump ring.

Fb19sw Pin-it%402x

Trim the end.

Fb20s Pin-it%402x

Place the silk ribbon underneath the jump ring that connects the lobster clasp and the chain.

Fb21s Pin-it%402x

Tie a double knot around jump ring.

Fb23s Pin-it%402x

Trim the ends of the silk at a 45 degree angle.

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Rock it. Alone or in a stack.


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over 6 years ago

super pretty. The chain was kind of tangled in the wrapping process.



about 6 years ago

Where can I buy more fishbone chain? The bracelet I made is too big so I'm going to give it to my sister but I'd like to make another one for myself!



about 6 years ago

@Tiffany email us accountsATforthemakersDOTcom and we will send you some info.



over 5 years ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE this bracelet! Just finished making this, and I think it's one of my favorite FTM projects - thanks so much for bringing it back!



over 5 years ago

Love this! Really easy to make. Thank you!