Tightline Necklace



  • silk cord
  • semi-precious stone pendant
  • brass tube beads
  • crimp beads
  • lobster clasp
  • jump rings

Gather your tools and materials.


Remove the silk cord from the card it came on and thread on one crimp bead followed by one closed jump ring.


Bring these two things all the way down the length of the silk cord, leaving about 2" from the end.


Take your needle and skip over the jump ring but thread the needle back through crimp bead. This will hold the jump ring in place with a loop.


The end of your necklace should look like the image on the left. Take the chain nose pliers and squish the crimp bead. This will hold the thread in place.


Thread on a brass tube bead, then the gemstone pendant, followed by the second brass tube bead.


Determine the length you would like your necklace and mark the end spot with your finger.


Finish off the necklace the same way we started. The spot you marked should be exactly where you squish your crimp bead. Add a crimp bead to the cord and then a closed jump ring. Thread the needle back through the crimp bead to make the loop around the jump ring. Squish the crimp bead once you have everything lined up. Trim off the long thread with scissors, leaving a small tail that matches the tail on the opposite side of the necklace.


Open one jump ring with the help of your chain nose pliers. Twist the jump ring open by twisting one side north and one side south right at the seam.


Use the open jump ring to attach the lobster clasp to one side of the necklace. Close the jump ring tightly.


All done!