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Two-Faced Tech Case

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This color-blocked tech case in bright ultramarine and emerald is a take on jewel tones that's anything but fussy. The sleek oilcloth adds sporty detail to boot. This template works for an iphone and most other smartphones but if your phone is much larger or smaller you may want to adjust it before beginning.



  • oilcloth in emerald and ultramarine
  • thread bobbin in emerald
  • sew-on snap
  • silver prong stud
Tfc1 Pin-it%402x

Gather your materials, a pen, a pair of scissors, and the tech case template.

Tfc2 Pin-it%402x

Cut out each side of the tech case template. Choose which color you'd like on the back and which you'd like on the front. There is enough of each color to choose either the blue or green for either side.

Tfc3 Pin-it%402x

Trace the template on the backside of the oil cloth fabric.

Tfc4 Pin-it%402x

Cut the fabric along the lines you've traced.

Tfc5w Pin-it%402x

Line up the front fabric with the back fabric so that it is centered at the top and touches the upper corners. The fabric on top should be face up and the fabric on bottom should be face down.

Tfc6w Pin-it%402x

Cut a piece of thread from the emerald bobbin about 20". Thread the needle and triple knot the end of the thread.

Tfc7w Pin-it%402x

Fold the bottom of the back fabric up to meet the front fabric.

Tfc8w Pin-it%402x

Start your first stitch at the lower right corner. To hide the knot pull the thread through the folded layers of oil cloth.

Tfc9 Pin-it%402x

Fold the fabric once more, sandwiching the top fabric, and use small running stitches to secure the seam.

Tfc10 Pin-it%402x

To keep the seam secure while you're stitching, use a paper clip or binder clips to hold everything in place.

Tfc11w Pin-it%402x

Stop stitching when you get to the other edge of the front fabric. Leave your needle and thread attached to the fabric for now.

Tfc12w Pin-it%402x

Trim the corner of the exterior fabric at 90 degree angles.

Tfc13w Pin-it%402x

Fold the side of the exterior fabric in to meet the interior fabric.

Tfc14w Pin-it%402x

Fold the fabric over one more time and use a paper clip to hold the fold in place while you stitch.

Tfc15 Pin-it%402x

Pivot the needle to stitch in the space in between the exterior fabric.

Tfc16 Pin-it%402x

Reverse the stitches to tack the bottom seam.

Tfc17 Pin-it%402x

Continue stitching along the entire edge of the seam.

Tfc18 Pin-it%402x

When you reach the end tack the edge to secure it.

Tfc19w Pin-it%402x

Knot the thread around tacked oil cloth.

Tfc20w Pin-it%402x

Knot the thread again and pull the end of the thread through the stitched hole. Snip the excess.

Tfc21w Pin-it%402x

Cut another length of thread, thread the needle, and knot the end. Pull the thread from underneath the seam to hide the knot. Starting along the bottom of the pouch stitch along the other edge of the pouch until you reach the end of pouch.

Tfc22 Pin-it%402x

If you'll be using the tech case for your phone, place it in the pouch to see where to sew the snap. The pouch also acts as a colorful wallet or card holder. To determine the snap placement just make sure to keep it centered and leave a little give at the top flap so you have room to store items inside.

Tfc23w Pin-it%402x

Mark the center of the pouch flap with a small dot.

Tfc24 Pin-it%402x

Place the snap over the mark and stitch it to oil cloth. The two snap parts are different. Make sure that the side you are stitching up will work to snap it together when the other side is added.

Tfc25 Pin-it%402x

Start stitching from the interior of pouch. Stitch around all 4 holes at least two times.

Tfc27 Pin-it%402x

Knot the thread to the snap. Trim thread.

Tfc28 Pin-it%402x

Snap the corresponding snap component and place where it should be stitched onto the flap of the pouch. Making sure it's in the right direction to snap correctly when the flap is turned over.

Tfc29 Pin-it%402x

Stitch the snap component onto the flap, using small stitches through each hole in the snap. Going around each hole at least two times.

Tfc30 Pin-it%402x

Knot the thread on top and cut off any excess thread.

Tfc31 Pin-it%402x

Cover the stitches on the outside of the flap with the silver stud. Center the prong studs around the snap and push evenly through. Fold the prongs over the snap to secure it.

Tfc32 Pin-it%402x

The bright pop of color makes it easy to spot at the bottom of a bag.


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over 5 years ago

Looks lovely! Cant wait to make it!



over 5 years ago

why can't I download the tutorials anymore? I need to print them and trying to do them off of these is silly and wasteful--what gives?



over 5 years ago

@MIYATA2012 you can print this tutorial by clicking file > print in your browser: https://www.forthemakers.com/tutorials/two-faced-tech-case/print



over 5 years ago

i made this last night and a word to the wise: after you stitch the snap on to the 'side b' panel, you should get a tooth pick and reinforce it with some e6000. i even put a tiny scrap of oil fabric over the stitching and glued it down. after i made it and was testing it out, the snap pulled a lot as the fabric is thin and doesnt like holes in it. after the reinfocement it worked wonderfully.



over 5 years ago

Where can we find a PDF of the template to print it out?



over 5 years ago

Mandersbal - click on the words "tech case template" in the list of tools needed for this project. It's a link to the PDF, which you can download/print.



over 5 years ago

Kimberly, Thank you!



over 5 years ago

Link for the template isn't working. Could you please check it or email me the template. Thanks!



over 5 years ago

Hi @GJEAN thanks for letting us know! It's fixed now. Happy making!



over 5 years ago

I wasn't sure if I would like this project because I'm not a fan of oil cloth, but it's cute!



over 5 years ago

I lost the template for this project :( can you please email it to me? marcumem@gmail.com



over 5 years ago

Hi @emuh123 - the templates are available to download from the link above. Listed under "TOOLS"



over 5 years ago

I'm rather disappointed with this tutorial. It does not fit my iPhone 5, even without the case on it. I should've thought of it before but now it's too late as I'm out of oilcloth. Also, for Step 6, I suggest cutting thread a lot longer than 20 inches or you'll run out if thread for the bottom and left side.



over 5 years ago

To be more clear, when I say "won't fit" it means it's too short. The flap barely comes down over it.



over 5 years ago

Does the template require a password to get? It doesn't open as a PDF, like the other templates, it asks for password and user name?



over 5 years ago

@robbin try again and see if it works now!



over 5 years ago

It works, thanks!!