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Velvetine Headband

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Rich viridian mixed with plush velvet make this headband an instant win. Pair with a peplum top and jeans for a polished look on the go.


  • scissors
  • ruler (optional)


  • steel headband base
  • viridian velvet ribbon
  • e6000


30 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials. In addition to the kit you'll need a pair of scissors and a ruler.

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Start by finding the center of the headband. You can eyeball it by placing the pen in the middle of the opening and placing a small mark on the side.

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From the small mark you put on the side, bring it around to the top in a straight line. This will be the placement of your center knot. From this center point we want to place two more marks each spaced 1.5" apart on both sides of the center mark. You can use a ruler to measure 1.5" from the center to the left and put another mark with your pen. Then 1.5" from that mark. Repeat on the other side of the center point. You can also take a piece of paper or string, cut it approximately 1.5" and use that as your measure from one point to another. Feel free to space the knots further or closer based on your preference. There is enough velvet for 5 knots total, maybe 6 if you are very precise!

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At this point you should have 5 marker lines on your headband. These marks indicate where your velvet knots will be placed.

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Open your glue and place a small amount on the inside end of the headband. Starting at one side of the velvet push it onto the glue and hold for a few seconds.

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Continue adding glue to the outside of the steel headband, all the way up to the closest line you created for the placement of the knot. Press the velvet, centered to the headband base, all the way up to the line.

Velveteen-headband-tutorial-7 Pin-it%402x

Hold it right in front of the line for a few seconds to secure the velvet in place.

Velveteen-headband-tutorial-8 Pin-it%402x

Now we are going to tie the knot right on top of the marked line. We are tying a knot around the steel headband base by taking your velvet trim to the left of the headband and wrap it under the headband loosely. Bring it up and around, then back through the loop you created.

Velveteen-headband-tutorial-9 Pin-it%402x

Pull lightly, tightening the knot. Make sure it stays on the line. Also make sure that the velvet coming from both sides of the knot stays flat and upright.

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Lift up the knot slightly and add glue under it as well as along the headband stopping right before the next marked line.

Velveteen-headband-tutorial-11 Pin-it%402x

Push the velvet onto the glue and tie another knot the same way we just did around the marked line.

Velveteen-headband-tutorial-12 Pin-it%402x

Keep repeating the knotting and glueing all the way around the headband.

Velveteen-headband-tutorial-13 Pin-it%402x

When you reach the end leave enough velvet to wrap around the headband end just as we did on the opposite side. Trim the excess ribbon.

Velveteen-headband-tutorial-14 Pin-it%402x

Put a small dab of glue on the inside and fold over the velvet. Hold it for a couple seconds to secure.

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For added comfort and a little more polish you can add a wrap of velvet around the ends. Measure the amount you will need by folding the leftover piece around the end. Cut the ribbon to that amount twice, you'll need two pieces, one for each side.

Velveteen-headband-tutorial-16 Pin-it%402x

Add a bit of glue to the top end of the headband and push the center of the velvet onto the glue. Hold for a couple seconds to secure.

Velveteen-headband-tutorial-17 Pin-it%402x

Add a bit of glue to the inside end and fold over one side of the velvet. Hold to secure.

Velveteen-headband-tutorial-18 Pin-it%402x

Add one more bit of glue to the top of the piece you just folded over. Fold over the other side and hold firmly for about 30 seconds to secure. Repeat on the other side of the headband.

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Allow the headband to dry completely, about 1-2 hours, before wearing.


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about 4 years ago

I am missing my steel headband. :(



about 4 years ago

Hi @amytf - sorry about that mistake. We are putting one in the mail for you today!