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Vinegar Hill Elastic

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The spice shades of saffron, amber, and bone in this make us reach for our passports. For muggy nights and steamy summer brunches, when wearing your hair down just isn’t an option, the Vinegar Hill Elastic is our go-to. Top knot looking a little deflated? Put a leaf on it.


  • pliers
  • glue (super glue, gem-tac, or E6000 work best)
  • scissors
  • safety pin or toothpick


  • round spice-colored elastic
  • carved leaf button
  • round horn beads
  • elastic tube crimp
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Gather your tools and materials. You’ll need strong multi-surface glue, pliers, and scissors. We used a pair of heavy duty hardware store pliers and tacky glue.

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Trim the end of the elastic in order to make it easier to work with.

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Thread the elastic through the tube crimp bead until it’s halfway through the length of the elastic.

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Thread the carved leaf through the elastic.

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You’ll thread the elastic from the bottom of the leaf and back through the second hole.

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On the other end of the tube crimp bead thread the three donut beads.

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Trim the end of each end of the elastic.

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Using the safety pin or toothpick add a dab of glue to the interior of the tube crimp bead.

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Then insert the other end of elastic into the remaining hole in the tube crimp bead.

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Repeat on the other side so that you have a figure eight loop.

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Using your pliers squeeze the tube crimp bead on either side. Put a little muscle into it.

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Wait for the glue to dry.

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Now go. Travel!