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West Cape Hoops

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Show off your shoulders with these delicately embellished tassel earrings. Rich with color and class, The West Cape Hoops are one of those lazy day pieces you'll never want to take off.



  • gold plated wire hoops
  • fluted end caps
  • headpins
  • heshi tube beads
  • mint fringe trim


30 minutes + drying time
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Gather your tools and materials.

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Take your headpin and create a small loop at the top using your round nose pliers.

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Insert the headpin into the fluted end cap. The loop Should not pull through the hole. Make a larger loop if needed.

Wc-4 Pin-it%402x

With the loop pulled tight on the inside, fold the pin over the top with your finger at a 90 degree angle. Take your round nose pliers and put them right at the base of the angle.

Wc-5 Pin-it%402x

Make another loop on top of the end cap.

Wc-6 Pin-it%402x

Measure 2" of mint fringe and cut with scissors.

Wc-7 Pin-it%402x

Roll the top edge into a tight coil.

Wc-8 Pin-it%402x

Put a couple drops of glue inside the end cap. Not too much glue or it will come out when inserting the fringe coil.

Wc-9 Pin-it%402x

Twist the fringe into the cap and if you need extra help getting it all the way in you can use your round nose pliers to gently push it further.

Wc-10 Pin-it%402x

Thread the heshi beads onto the wire hoop. Some of the beads will be tight going on. You can twist them gently on the wire to aid in threading. We used 8 beads per hoop.

Wc-11 Pin-it%402x

In the center of the beads add the top loop of the tassel.

Wc-12 Pin-it%402x

With clippers, snip off any excess wire from the loop. Make sure to close the loop so it doesn't come off the hoop.

Wc-13 Pin-it%402x

Make sure you like the bead placement before you complete this step. After doing this you won't be able to easily make changes! Using chain nose pliers, grip about 2mm of wire at the end of the hoop. Bend it slightly upwards towards the hole in the hoop.

Wc-14 Pin-it%402x

You can leave your tassel long or cut it down to a length you like. We cut ours a few inches shorter. Measure to make sure each earring is the same length.

Wc-15 Pin-it%402x

Trim off excess fringe with sharp scissors.

Wc-16 Pin-it%402x

Your summer statement is here!


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about 4 years ago

Wow those r relly long earings



about 4 years ago

@meghan you can cut the tassels even shorter if you like! Lot's of customization opportunities with this style. We will be posting other #makertakes throughout the month on the Source to inspire more ideas for these earrings. Stay tuned!



about 4 years ago

Tassels again...



about 4 years ago




about 4 years ago

I'm not a fan of tassels so I left them off and added a few beads from my collection.



almost 4 years ago

I love these- light on the earlobes and Junior kitty goes crazy when he sees the fringe