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Whitney Bracelets

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Add soft hued pastels to your wrist with these silver tubed, silk thread bracelets. Stack all three or split with your besties.


  • scissors
  • glass cups
  • paper towels


  • silk thread with needle
  • silver tube beads
  • silver drop beads
  • silver lobster clasps
  • kool-aid in three colors


45 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials. We pre-mixed our kool-aid dye. Mix up some pretty pastel dye colors to use in this project with this simple GUIDE.

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Pull all the silk thread off the card it came on.

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Starting at the end of the thread without the needle, dip approximately 14" into the teal dye.

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Keep going and add another 14" of silk thread to the lavender dye.

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Finally add 14" of silk thread to the pink pastel dye. Use a spoon to push them down if you don't want to get your hands dirty.

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The silk thread is super fast to absorb the dye. If you want to make sure you achieve a pastel color start taking the thread out of the dye almost as soon as you've dropped them all in. Start from the teal and move forward removing the thread from the dye.

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Once they are all out of the dye, rinse off with water. You can use running water or some clean water in a glass. No need for soap.

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When you're done rinsing. Pull the thread through your fingers to remove any kinks from it being on the paper card. At this point if you'd like your colors to be darker you can repeat the dyeing process until you've reached the desired color. Set aside to dry.

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Take one silver drop bead and thread it onto the needle. Pull it down towards the end of the thread. Leaving a 2" tail. IMPORTANT: You are always working towards the end of the thread. Never cut off your needle or it will be very hard to string components on.

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Tie a knot at the end, leaving a small loop at the end. Your lobster clasp will eventually use this as the bracelet closure so you don't want the loop too tight.

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Trim down the leftover shorter thread. We left about 5mm, which creates a tiny tassel at the end.

Soft-focus-whitneytutorial-29 Pin-it%402x

Next, thread on one silver tube bead.

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Measure the bracelet on your wrist to find the perfect placement for the tube bead. Make sure that the tube bead is centered on top and the bead and loop at the back it centered.

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Locate one end of the silver tube bead on the thread. This is where you will tie your first knot.

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Tie a knot oat the spot you located.

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Tie another knot on the other side of the silver tube. This way the tube bead stays put between the two knots.

Soft-focus-whitneytutorial-39 Pin-it%402x

Slide one lobster clasp down the thread.

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Measure the bracelet on your wrist again. You'll want the lobster clasp to reach the loop you created in the beginning. You can judge if you'd like the bracelet tighter or looser and adjust accordingly. Leave a little extra room to tie the knot.

Soft-focus-whitneytutorial-42 Pin-it%402x

Once you've measured tie a knot in order to secure the lobster clasp at the end of the bracelet.

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Trim the long end of the thread, leaving about 5mm after the knot. This will fray and look like a small tassel.

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Repeat steps 9 through 20 to make the other two bracelets.


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almost 5 years ago

So I have never worked with beading silk before and assumed the "needle" meant a real needle, not an attached one. I just thought that the metal thing was to keep it on the card :) Luckily I figured out that if you cut the thread on one end to form a point and cover it with glue you get an instant needle that you can cut off when you're done.



almost 5 years ago

Seemed easy enough, but I messed up my first bracelet as the knots I tied kept slipping loose. Only could make 2 bracelets :( but they were very beautiful.



almost 5 years ago

I didn't receive the card of silk threaded needle. Could you send one to me asap? I made the Andie necklace and it's a gem!



almost 5 years ago

@mcmurphyl we sent you an email and we'll put one in the mail for you!



almost 5 years ago

DANYELLO Dab the knots with clear nail polish and allow to dry a bit before proceeding.