Willis Statement Earrings

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These clever earrings feature a fun combination of studs, beads, and rhinestones wired together for a mega statement. Make this DIY project in time for all those holiday parties you plan on attending!



  • studs
  • enamel rhinestones
  • aurora borealis rhinestone rondelles
  • glass beads
  • sunstone beads
  • black diamond oval rhinestones in settings
  • round wire
  • french earwires


30 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials.

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Cut the wire in half with clippers. Set one piece aside.

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Thread one stud onto the wire and bring it to the center. Bend the wire at 90 degrees on each side f the stud.

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Thread a round sunstone onto each side of the wire.

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To add the enamel rhinestone, thread one wire through each side. Wiggle to get it down in place so that everything is lined up and centered on top.

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Add a rhinestone rondelle to each side. Followed by a small mint bead. Top it off with one round oval rhinestone.

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Fold the wires over each other at the top center of the oval rhinestone. Using the round nose pliers, make a loop out of one of the wires and wrap the other wire around the bottom of the loop twice. Wrap the end of the loop wire around the base of the loop once.

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Snip off the excess wire close to the loop. You can tuck in any sharp ends with chain nose pliers.

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Open the loop on one french ear wire and connect it to the top loop. Close the ear wire so the stones don't fall off.

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Repeat the above steps to make the second earring and you are all set to sparkle!