Wooden Bead Trivet

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These natural wood beads are the perfect size for a beautiful trivet. Paint a couple beads bright colors or go with simple white paint for a utilitarian vibe. When not in use, hang on the wall as a decorative focal point.


  • scissors
  • paint brush


  • wood beads
  • elastic cord
  • acrylic paint


30 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials.

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Paint a couple beads in the color of your choice and set aside to dry.

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Once the beads are dry, string 14 beads onto the elastic. Create a circle and feed the end of your elastic through the first bead to join the circle.

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Adjust your elastic so you have one long end and one short. Put the short end through one more bead.

Janet-tutorials-trivet-6 Pin-it%402x

Tie off the short end tightly against the elastic joining the beads.

Janet-tutorials-trivet-9 Pin-it%402x

String 7 more beads onto the long end of elastic and feed back through what would make the 8th bead to complete the smaller circle.

Janet-tutorials-trivet-12 Pin-it%402x

Feed the elastic through one bead of the larger circle (on the opposite side of the first knot) and tie off the loose end tightly.

Janet-tutorials-trivet-13 Pin-it%402x

Pull the knots really tightly to secure and trim off the excess elastic cord.

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For large or small pots and pans. Just fold out the inner loop to extend the trivet!