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Zuri Resin Bangle

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Casey slipped these on and instantly looked a little sassier. We love the mod shape of this bangle. We had it made just for the collection in this soft shade of grey. The quirky crystal embellishment is the focus here. Add the mix of square and round stones in preppy pastels in whatever design feels right for you.


  • E6000 glue
  • Zuri crystal placement template
  • marker or pen
  • toothpick or paperclip (optional)


  • custom resin bangle
  • rhinestones in cool tones mix
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Gather your materials. You can print out the template if you'd like or just wing it for this project.

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Lay the bangle over the template and make a small mark where each line intersects with the bangle. This is where you'll place each of the square crystals.

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Add a tiny dab of glue on your first pen mark.

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Gently place the first square crystal over the glue. The glue takes a few minutes to get tacky. Wiggle it into place so that it's in the center.

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For the smaller round stones it's easier to use a toothpick or a paperclip to dap the glue in the right spot.

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Place the first small round stone next to the square stone. We love the look of mixed crystals here so go crazy mixing the colors of the stones in whatever order you like.

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Add the second tiny dab of glue and the second small round stone.

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We can't wait to see your takes on this one! You could also place the stones sporadically around the bangle, in one cluster, or in several small groupings. Layer it up with your favorite bangles in a mix of materials.


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over 5 years ago

Very cute! I just bought some rhinestones and a pair of cheap sunglasses to apply this technique to - so this is perfect to go with them (as well as the sunglass pouch to store them in!)



about 5 years ago

Love the way this turned out! So sparkly.